hi, my name is Laszlo!

I am a bass player/visual artist located in Bucharest, Romania, though I was born in Targu-Mures, Transylvania, at about 60km from where Vlad The Impaler (a.k.a. Dracula) was born. True story!

I picked up bass at age 16, in high school, literally after watching the music video for “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam, seeing Jeff Ament lay it down and thinking to myself that the bassist must be the coolest member of the band. In time I learned that looking cool in a band is not necessarily that important but I came to appreciate the role of a bass player – being the glue between the rhythm and the melody, all while mostly staying in the shadows.

I started playing in local hardcore/nu-metal bands, ended up moving to Bucharest to play in a jazz-funk unit, stayed a couple of years, moved back home only to move back to Bucharest a couple of years later.

I am currently the bass player for the alt/prog rock band called “byron“, we have 7 full length albums out, 3 dvds and a bunch other interesting stuff coming up. We’ve played just about every playable venue and festival in Romania and played as far as Sweden and India otherwise (yay for Indian spicy food)
As of 2014 I am an endorser for Warwick basses, which is a great honour for me, having been a longtime user and fan of their instruments.

I’ll actually write more about myself at one point but I just reached my daily limit of typing out letters and gotta do some stretching now. Love y’all!