I like acoustic gigs

Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we managed to play 6 acoustic gigs in the last few weeks (and a fiery electric gig in the mountains) – all of them adhering to the new and strict social distancing and safety regulations, of course. Some might say it can’t be much of a rock concert with the audience glued to their seats, each table at a specific distance from the other, but hey – it’s for our own safety and that’s all we’ve got now. It’s not the case for ‘it’s better than nothing’ – in fact it’s the only way forward for now.

Let’s see what sept-oct-nov and dec-ember bring.

Gepostet von byron am Samstag, 15. August 2020

photo – faber.community

So why do I like acoustic gigs

besides the obvious fact that I actually get to play music with my bandmates, here’s a list of reasons:

  • old geezer Döme gets to play sitting down as opposed to schlepping a 5,6kg bass around the stage for 1 and a half hours
  • waaay less set up time! (here’s to minimalism)
  • 1 bass + 1 DI box + cables – no pedalboard, no synth, no amp + cab
  • it’s a workout for a different muscle group than regular gigs – I get to get jiggy with it on a stool, core and butt muscles in Billy Blanks mode
  • drinking tea onstage looks less weird than at electric gigs (newest discovery btw – huge fan of drinking tea while on the gig)
  • usually ends earlier than regular gigs -> I get to go to bed earlier, also a hobby of mine
  • most importantly – teardown time is shorter as well – bass in gigbag, old geezer Döme sooner in bed at the hotel, everybody wins!

so here’s to acoustic gigs, may we all enjoy them as long as we can! we really do and as far as I can tell the audience does as well!


I made another macro video and executive producercat insisted to participate. Who am I to refuse her?


Time and time again

I am reminded of the importance of observing the details. The tiny cogs that help move things along but never get noticed.

Like bees, often overlooked but crucial to the planet’s survival.

We rarely zoom in on the seemingly unimportant. Like just taking a minute to stare out your window and realise that you yourself are a seemingly unimportant detail in this world.

Yet you are your own tiny cog, turning and turning, connecting and communicating with other tiny cogs. Moving things along.

Gepostet von absurdcus am Freitag, 12. Juni 2020

A quick little kiss on the forehead of your loved one. A word well placed to brighten someone’s day.

Maybe the larger portions of our lives wouldn’t seem so sombre if we’d rejoice more in the little things.

Observe the details, take them in.

Be bees, my good dudes, be bees.