Looks like I’ve been doing this for quite a while

Apparently I’ve been doing this for years now, must’ve had a lot of free time on my hands back in the day.

I’ve looked it up in the archives and the image below might be the very first instance of me photoshopping a bass (albeit not my own) into someone else’s hand:

hello, 2014.

(it’s supposed to be monster me)

Then I jumped straight into deep water trying my luck with Jaco Pastorius and boy did that cause a sh*t storm among 4 string purists. Looks like everyone felt the need of repeating the same old mantra – “Jaco only needed 4 strings” and “This is blasphemy”

Well, I’ll believe the first part when I see it in writing and signed by Jaco himself.

Jaco only needed talent and practice, my good dudes.

I continued on experimenting with ideas, mostly fueled by boredom and what I was watching at that particular moment in time, and did my most shared Photoshop with Yoda and my mini Thumb toy bass (5,8K shares – not to brag but that’s like a small country)

Eventually I ended up adventuring into cartoon territory as well, doing a brief stint with the Simpsons:

Then other people started image-manipulating basses into photos, the whole meme thing started getting boring real quick, so I quietly retired my graphic tablet from the world of photoshopped basses, why should I have all the glory?

Now that I think of it, I think my old drawings were the first attempt to put basses into people’s hands.

Here is a prophetic self portrait from 2003 sporting a 6 string Thumb bass, about 5,5 years before I managed to actually buy one. Eat your heart out, Nostradamus!

But what I actually wanted to say with this long winded incursion into absurdcusian history no one really cares about is that this quarantine made me pick up my pen again.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story on my Instagram asking people which one of my basses I should Photoshop in Victor Wooten‘s hands.

Selecting Victor was not as random as it seems, he is one of my favourite musicians and I’ve just watched a couple of master classes with him online, so he looked like the perfect choice.

My Instagram dudes decided that my beloved Thumb should be the one to be photoshopped into Victor’s hands, so I did it and even made a video about it!

lookie below!


bonus – that one time I did a remove-only job, I still get a giggle out of it.