I’ve always loved this phrase

it’s such a good description of a huge part of my life. It means “I hear, I see, I learn” in latin. It somewhat explains why I try to keep my music as free downloadable albums.

I am self-taught at everything I am marginally good at. This, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. An immediate disadvantage would be lacking the terminology and having to use my own convoluted maps instead of the common shortcuts. On the other hand, the biggest advantage would be coming to appreciate and treasure the learning process.

I never considered myself to be a real musician, though I’ve been playing an instrument for 20+ years. Sounds odd, I know, but bear with me. I grew up not knowing that music can be taught but instead I thought you must be born with the ‘gift’. Music must be a magical, mysterious phenomenon, no way you could reduce it to rules and structure and mathematics. I always labelled myself an amateur even when a large chunk of my income was from playing music. Damian Erskine recently changed my mind though with this video and I upgraded the label to ‘music enthusiast’.

My first album’s called ‘the Öutlet‘ and it’s more of a collection of tunes from 2003 to 2011 than an album. I put it up online because I have some very insistent friends. My second album is called ‘a drop of Calm‘ and it was composed in 2 weeks after the very difficult oct-nov of 2015. My third album is from 2017 and it’s called ‘T‘. Initially it was meant to be a soundtrack to a video-game, hence the more electronic vibe. All 3 albums are free to download, or you can pay what you want for them. They are free not because I don’t consider them valuable. Quite the contrary, they are free because they are very valuable to me.

Album no.4 is in the works

and slowly but surely it will come to fruition. I’m in the 8th year of carefully balancing a steady full time job (albeit working from home), a very actively gigging band with family life and other paraphernalia. Slowly but surely new lessons will be learned.

And talking about new lessons, here’s a video I did.

‘A day in the life of’  type of skit. And I admit it, besides having received quite a few messages on FB from absurdcus fans, the only other reason I wanted to have my albums on streaming platforms was to be able to have my own music on my Instagram stories. And it’s very cool for my cat videos to have an absurdcusian soundtrack!

Also, here’s my VIP LINK if you want a Distrokid subscription. You get a 7% discount off your first year. And it’s very easy to use, yay. Have fun!

“Okies ladies and gents, first off let me congratulate you for having found yourself in the small circle of weirdos who show a sort of uncanny interest in my musical/lyrical imagery.

So… this is the well-thought out, pre-composed and absolutely not freely written welcoming speech.

You can pop the champagne cork – it can’t get any better than this. Will get helluva worse, though – because you have entered a kingdom of improvised and innovative puns, accidental funniness, purely unintentional serious gibberish and Love spreading. Grammar mistakes and other animals might pop up once in a while, but bear with me – life – as in existence – as in everything – as in GRAMMAR, TOO – is a wörk in progress – so don’t hold it against me if I surprise you with my innovative use of wörds.

I am pretty new to all this blog madness, so I thought I should start the same way every other blogger does. :) by writing words.

Having an attention span of an eight year old blind husky – things like leaps in time and prose will be frequent. Nothing to be afraid though. These leaps are only temporary and giant and …for mankind.

Love and Love-spreading. That’s where it’s at. Ain’t nothing but the L thang, baby. Amore. Liebe. And in other languages, too. Love Love Love. In all directions. In the air , through the nasal cavity, down to the lungs, to and through the heart like a sharp knife and then coughed out into the open again. The delight. The joy of it. The sweet taste of it when it accidentally misses your nostrils and knocks out a few of your teeth and leaves you there bewildered and wondering and wanting more. Ah. The scent of it. The awesomeness of it. Makes a grown man cry and a child giggle like one of those rubber ducks. Yes. Love. Recurring theme of the absurdcus. Recurring theme of life.

That’s about all the wörds I can handle for today I guess – so as to make you feel at home I shall put up other mediums you can delect your eyes and ears in.”

look ->


The above text was written in 2007 for my first blog, I thought it would be the perfect opening of my website 13 years later. Welcome!