Time and time again

I am reminded of the importance of observing the details. The tiny cogs that help move things along but never get noticed.

Like bees, often overlooked but crucial to the planet’s survival.

We rarely zoom in on the seemingly unimportant. Like just taking a minute to stare out your window and realise that you yourself are a seemingly unimportant detail in this world.

Yet you are your own tiny cog, turning and turning, connecting and communicating with other tiny cogs. Moving things along.

Gepostet von absurdcus am Freitag, 12. Juni 2020

A quick little kiss on the forehead of your loved one. A word well placed to brighten someone’s day.

Maybe the larger portions of our lives wouldn’t seem so sombre if we’d rejoice more in the little things.

Observe the details, take them in.

Be bees, my good dudes, be bees.

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